Surprise Wedding

Pictures of the engagement party cum surprise wedding are up. I’ve carved the 350+ I took down to a (mostly) manageable set of 128. Ellen has been uploading some of the shots I took, along with other pictures from friends and family here.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to carve a couple paragraphs out of my heart/memories about what an amazing, loving, joyous and friend-filled wedding it was, but don’t despair, as they are coming soon.

0 thoughts on “Surprise Wedding

  1. Heliologue

    A “surprise wedding” is usually a nice euphemism for “elopement.” Shall I take it from your tone that this was a more traditional affair that simply came out of left field?

  2. The bride

    It was an engagement party that turned into an actual wedding to the surprise of the (mostly) unsuspecting guests…


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