Addled by the heat

I am hot and sweaty and headache-y. Tonight in latihan, as I lay on the floor being quiet, ideas for writing projects flooded my head. Being that the intention of latihan is to let yourself be in your body, out of your brain and with the flow of the universe, it was not the time to run over and grab a pen and paper to jot some of the thoughts down. By the time we were done, the majority of my ideas were gone.

Apartment 2024 is still right now, except for the rattle of the air conditioning unit and the occasional scrape of the chair from the upstairs apartment. I got a compact package in the mail this afternoon from mom, which contained a pink top she got at the thriftstore and a CD of the very rough versions of songs that will be my sister’s next album. When I asked for a copy of this recording session, Raina couldn’t understand why I wanted them, as they are just voice and guitar. She doesn’t seem to get that I love everything she does, and want to be part of it all in any way I can, even from across the country.

Speaking of someone who wants to be part of what shes does, she sent me a link today of a photo montage a guy named Tom made with pictures of her and set to one of her songs. It is very sweet that he put so much effort into it, but I find that it might just cross the line into creepy.

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