Knowing, Creating, Experiencing

This afternoon, I settled down on the living room couch with a book, prepared to spend a peaceful hour by myself, doing nothing but reading.  About ten minutes into this time, my roommate walked into the room.  He wasn’t whistling, or talking on the phone or even walking loudly.  And yet I was instantly irritated, by nothing more than his presence.

Instead of letting my irritation fester and infest the entire apartment, I grabbed it and laid it out on my psychic work space.  Once captive, it wasn’t nearly as intimidating or powerful as I initially thought.  After examination, I decided I didn’t want it and that I was going to choose not to be irritated.  Inside my head, I declared that I was going to replace my feelings of hostile annoyance towards my roommate with love.

In an instant, I no longer felt irritated.  It was surprising and wonderful how readily I was able to give up the negative feeling and instead feel peaceful and welcoming.  In that moment, I understood through practice the principles of manifesting I’ve read so much about.  It was revelatory and delightful and fleeting.  I sat there for a moment, experiencing the shift in perception, before asking a friendly question of him.  It turned into a lovely hour-long conversation that I’m so glad I was able to make space to have.

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