I’m going to Iowa this weekend.

When I tell people that’s where I’m going Friday morning, they pause and then respond, “Iowa? What’s in Iowa?” The Prairie Star District is in Iowa (as well as in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas) and they have some Unitarian Young Adults who are looking for a little information and inspiration.

A year and a half ago, I was hired to be a Young Adult and Campus Ministry Trainer/Consultant by the Unitarian Universalist Association. They sent a bunch of us to a four-day training in May of 2005. I learned a lot over that long weekend, but right now I couldn’t tell you much of what I was taught as I have yet to lead a workshop. Until now. It will be interesting, because while I know instinctively how to do a lot of this stuff, I haven’t had a chance to get up and talk about it in front of people in a very long time. Thankfully, I’ve been teamed up with someone who has done these things before and so will be relying on him.

So, to sum up. I’m going to Iowa this weekend, to do something for which I am poorly prepared. Doesn’t that just sound like an adventure in the making?

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