Manifesting a mini-miracle

I walked out of class tonight, feeling invigorated despite the fact that all I had eaten for dinner had been one round, red wax-enrobed sphere of Laughing Cow cheese and the dreges of a box of faux-Triscuits.  Class had been good, and had confirmed for me the choice of program and school once again.

Earlier in the evening, I had not been feeling so good.  I sat in the waiting room of my garage, stressed and anxious over the fact the line was long and I had exactly 45 minutes in which to get from Center City to St. Joe’s.  As I compulsively spun that mini-wheel of cheese around in my hand, I realized that I needed to change the energy I was putting out into the world about the wait for the car.

So instead of sending agita and angst out into the air, I started thanking the universe for bringing my car down in a speedy manner.  I told the universe/myself that I appreciated the fact that one of the young, spry attendants had gone to get my vehicle (as opposed to one of the older guys who has a hard time getting out of the seat when it’s time for him to surrender the car).  As I repeated these thoughts, I started to calm down and believe them.  At 5:44 pm I glanced at my phone, and noted that I needed to be getting into my car in one minute in order to get to class on time.  I heard the screech of tires coming down the ramp and got up to check, fully expecting to see a BMW SUV or a shiny new Mini Cooper pulling up.

But it was my car.

I walked over as the attendant bounced to a stop and got out.  It was the youngest guy in the place.   I tipped him, threw my bag into the back seat and climbed in.  As I pulled my seat forward and snapped my seatbelt into place, I glanced at the clock.  It said exactly 5:45 pm.

0 thoughts on “Manifesting a mini-miracle

  1. Marisa

    It sounds fancy, but most of the time it is a royal pain in the ass, because you have to add 10-25 minutes onto any car trip you plan on taking, because you never know how long it will take to get your car.

    There are actually a surprising number of valet garages in Center City. It means they can squeeze more cars into the garage if they design them that way.

  2. Just a Girl

    I know what you mean — last week, someone backed into my car while it was valet parked. Luckily the woman left her information. So instead of being bummed about getting my door fixed, I keep thinking, “Thank god for that woman! I hope her insurance doesn’t go up too much. It was so GOOD of her to leave her number. I’m so glad there are people like that out there …” Sending you good vibes from SF!


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