Random Friday–A quick and dirty edition

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another set of the Random Ten from the pod.  I’m heading out of town for the weekend in mere minutes, so I’m going to make this one short and sweet.  You know the rules: Set the pod to shuffle and report back your first ten songs.  Be honest and don’t be afraid to ‘fess up to your embarrassing selections, the paradoxes we inhabit are what make us interesting.

1. Oh Well, Okay, Elliott Smith (XO)
2. In Time, Sly and the Family Stone (The Essential Sly and the Family Stone)
3. Sweetest Goodbye/Sunday Morning, Maroon 5 (Love Actually)
4. Nashville, Indigo Girls (Rites of Passage)
5. Pancho and Lefty, Willie Nelson (Willie Nelson*Songs)
6. Things We Said Today, The Beatles (A Hard Day’s Night)
7. If You Want Me To Stay, Sly and the Family Stone (The Essential Sly and the Family Stone)
8. Alice Adams, Skymonters (Skymonters)
9. Spider Web, Joan Osborne (Relish)
10. Metal Firecracker, Lucinda Williams (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road)

Favorite Song: Things We Said Today

Favorite Album: Skymonters.  They were a band that rose out of the Subud commune in Virginia in the early 1970’s.   My parents knew all the guys in this band, and last October I had the priviledge of hearing Lewis Ross, an old friend of my dad’s and a member of the band tell the story of how he started playing music and came to evolve into the Skymonters.  He tells a compelling story reaches back into roots of folk music.  Maybe someday someone will tell it.  Maybe me, who knows.

I don’t have time to do a list links at the moment, but Howard over at The Smedley Log can always be counted on for a pretty complete collection of the day’s players, so go check him out.

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