Apple Pickin'

Close up apples

Saturday afternoon Seth picked me up behind my building. Once I was seated and belted in, he turned to me and said, “Okay, so where we going?” I told him Linvilla Orchards and pointed him in the direction of 95 South. Less than half an hour later, we pulled into a row of cars parked on hardened dirt, next to a enormous shade tree. We were there to pick apples, but once we got there, we discovered that Linvilla had a whole lot more to offer. There was a bedraggled corn maze and a straw bale maze that was surprisingly challenging. We rode a very small train that took us three times around a circle the size of my high school track. We drank hot apple cider and fed a goat. I bought buckwheat honey in the market while Seth got two pies (apple and pumpkin).

Finally it was time to pick apples. We were given cardboard bushels (in opposition to my mental picture of wicker and wood baskets) and sent out to the fields. We wandered for a while, tasting apples until we found a tree whose produce was particularly sweet and crisp. I filled my box carefully, Seth was a little more haphazard. When we our boxes were full up and we had eaten the equivalent of three apples apiece.

When I got home, I piled my apples into bowls and sat down to enjoy the indulgent abundance of having more than 20 pounds of fruit in my dining room.

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  1. Melissa

    You were very smart to go today. I went out there yesterday. Insanity and crowds reigned. I was so annoyed that I grabbed a small bag of apples, two spaghetti squashes and got the hell out of dodge.

    One of the employees told me that it would be even crazier the next couple of weekends until we hit Halloween.

    Just so you and your readers know…

  2. Emily

    Hey there,

    It’s Emily! I noticed your apple tonight and class and so wanted to ask if it was from an orchard! I’ve been to Linvilla, so fabulous and AUTUMN-esque! Glad we survived boredom tonight!


  3. Marisa

    Well, I made a big pot of applesauce already. I was thinking about making some sort of cake or bread to take to class, and there’s the possibility of a potluck on Saturday night. Plus some people are coming over for brunch on Saturday so I’m sure I’ll make something for that as well. But yes, it was a lot of apples.


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