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Three nights ago, in the space between awareness and sleep, I found myself designing a recipe.  I don’t feel like it came from me so much as I plucked it from the misty shared creative space to which we all have access.  Anyway, what I imagined was a white bean and ground turkey chili, but instead of asking for traditional chili flavorings, this shared creative space told me to spice it with garlic and rosemary.

I had a lunch potluck to attend today, and a pound of ground turkey meat in my freezer, so I decided to test out this near-dreamstate recipe.  In a large pot, I sweated one chopped onion with three pressed cloves of garlic.  When they had softened a little, I added the turkey and scrambled until it was cooked thoroughly and in fairly small chunks.  I added a drained and rinsed can of cannellini beans and three sprigs of chopped rosemary leaves.  Finally I added a little chicken stock that I had in the freezer, to give it some liquid to work with.  I added a little salt and pepper and left it alone to bubble for fifteen minutes over low heat.  When I came back, the beans had nearly dissolved into the meat, creating this thick, rich gravy.  The rosemary was stunningly fragrant and the turkey was tender.

Thankfully, it tasted wonderful other than the few flecks of rosemary, it was decidedly gray.  It is not a dish that is appealing to the eye.  But it was quick, easy and would be terrific over brown rice.  I would recommend a side of broccoli or spinach along with it, something to perk up the color a little.

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