Stomach Flu

I woke up at 3:30 am last night, with the knowledge that I was about to throw up and that I needed to get to the bathroom in the next 20 seconds.  It happened again the next hour and once more at 5:30 am.  I wondered briefly at that point if this flu was going to kill me, but thankfully that was not to be. I woke up at 10:30 am and feeling deeply thirsty, drank some Sprite in the hopes that it would help settle my stomach.  Sadly it had the opposite effect.  More puking.

I am an old hand with the stomach bug.  For most of my childhood, I was felled by the stomach flu at least once a year.  I know the drill well.  But that doesn’t make it fun.

Two glasses of water and some lemon lime gatorade (that Seth kindly brought me from the outside world) later, I’m finally starting to feel marginally better.  However, I did miss my class tonight, which makes me sad.  I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll feel substantially better.

13 thoughts on “Stomach Flu

  1. TrekMedic251

    You friend Seth did you a solid – Gatorade or something like it is good for you,…SPrite isn’t – simply because it has too much sugar and your intestines will suck more water out of you to balance the sugar, thus making the diarrhea worse.

    If you want some good news (?),..its going around. My mother had it the day after Thanksgiving and I had it today.

  2. Ellen

    Also – the Gatorade’s salt content will rehydrate you, as some of the symptoms of food poisoning tend to cause pretty bad dehydration. So it’s not just better than the Sprite (which will mix poorly), it’s better than water as well…

  3. kate

    Here’s hoping you feel better. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    When you’re well enough to stomach anything at all, the BRAT diet always helps (bananas, rice, apples and toast).

  4. Norman

    I can relate to what you have been through.As a suggestion during those bouts with stomach flu.I did a little research on line, it is said tha cranberry juice inactivates the stomach virus, as well as 1-2 cider vinegar at the first sign or symptom of the stomach flu.I hope this info helps you.God bless…

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  6. Rigel

    In response to Norman. When drinking the cranberry juice, be close to a bathroom. If you are not feeling well, the cranberry juice will at first sooth your stomach, because it’s a dense liquid and then a short time after you’ll likely feel a lurch. This could be between 5 and 15 minutes.

  7. michelle

    I currently have some sort of stomach virus and have been puking all night. I drank water b/c I know that I have to stay hydrated but I still kept throwing the water up. I stayed at my moms house so I would not be alone through this. ( I live on my own) She went out and got me sprite. I was leary about the sprite but drank it anyway. I was feeling so weak and was pale. It had actually settled my stomach. I was no longer running to the bathroom puking my guts up and I started to feel better. My mom said our family has been using sprite for years for upset stomach. I actually think sprite helps. Obviously it depends on the person I’m sure.

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  9. patricia

    my son was throwing up early thursday morning and most of the morning friday. doc gave him some med
    and that put him to sleep, but in between he was drinking. today is sundaymorning he said his stomache is hurting……this is 5:00 in the evening he is throwing up again. what do you think it is. or what kind of virus or flu is this.

  10. sarineh

    i had the same problem..i woke up at 3 30 the other night and had the urge to throw up and its VERY RARE that i throw up .. i had eaten a cheeseburger and a salad from a not so appealing food stand that night and im sure i got food poisoning…i stayed home from work yesterday and slept the majority of the day and that helped..i’m still feeling sick especially when i drink too much water at once.


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