I feel loved

The Prophet, the Panhandler & the Moon

Yesterday I got some treats in the mail, including a book I desperately needed for class tonight, a black sock that I had accidentally left in Portland while I was there in December, a twenty year old Septa token and best of all, two copies of Raina’s new album. They did a special advanced run of 150 for her CD release party, and while I didn’t get to go to the party, I am now the proud possesser of personalized and autographed copies of numbers one and two of the run. Once in a while it’s nice to be the sister of a burgeoning rock star.

0 thoughts on “I feel loved

  1. Em

    Congratulations! I love getting 1 sock in the mail. Just kidding. I’m sure you are super-proud of your rockstar sister. Enjoy the music.

  2. raina rosie

    how cute are you?
    your sister loves you! do what the psychic lady told me to tell you and eat more red cabbage and beets and take an iodine supplement 🙂
    love you!

  3. sherry

    Your sister is really cool. And I am guessing that she knows that her sister is also pretty cool.

    She reminds me of the BR-549 song “Psychic Lady”.


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