I haven't blogged…

But it doesn’t mean anything. Last night my blog was down (I blame the host) and so I couldn’t post. Tonight, the evening just got away from me. But it pains me to let my blog sit idle for more than a day, so I’m writing this short little note to say all is well here in Apartment 2024. My classes are back in full swing, which is wonderful and all-consuming.

I had lunch today at Rachel’s Nosheri on 19th Street. I haven’t gotten a sandwich there and sat at the counter along the window with a book since the first month I moved to Philly. It felt somehow right and complete to do it nearly five years to the day I had done it before. I love Rachel’s, it’s an old fashioned deli in a city that doesn’t have many, and it has the added benefit of being right down the street from me. When Little Pete‘s closed their doors, Rachel’s started staying open later and on Sundays, to pick up the slack that they left behind. The neighborhood noticed and loves them for it.

During the hour I sat there today, I spotted at least four people from my building come in. A little old man from the 19th floor came in for a cup of soup, I heard him ask for extra noodles and not too much broth. Two older woman walked in, clutching each other’s arms, so as not to trip on the damp floor, to split a nova bagel. Emilio, a plumber/handyman who lives and works in the building, walked in just as I was leaving. He held the door for me and gave me the most genuine, “Hey, how you doin'” that I’ve gotten all week.

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