A slightly boring round-up of why I haven't posted anything good lately

I realize it’s been a little light on the content around here lately (and that I didn’t get a Friday Random Ten set up yesterday), but things have been strikingly busy around Apartment 2024.  There was a bris on Thursday.  Friday was a whirlwind of shopping for a birthday event, having lunch with relatives, picking up ministerial candidate at the airport, having dinner with said candidate, spending an hour and a half with the relatives again, baking banana bread and making a very large pot of soup (that was really good).

The sad part about all this busy-ness is that not only have I not been writing anything here, I haven’t been writing much for my classes either.  I have a deadline looming for a draft of a novella, without nearly as much progress as I would like and several smaller projects for other classes that are clamoring for attention.  I wake up each morning with ideas and have to say to them, individually and collectively, I’m really sorry, but I just don’t have time to deal with you right now.  Later, I promise.  I sense the reprioritization coming, as the whole point of this year was to have time to write.

On other fronts, I am happy to announce that my sister, the lovely, talented and exuberant Raina Rose is going to be arriving in Philly on tax day.  We’re still working out the logistics of when and where she’ll be performing, but of course, I will be announcing it in big, bold letters right here.  If you’d like to better prepare for her arrival by learning all the new songs, might I suggest you get yourself over to CD Baby and get yourself a copy of The Prophet, the Panhandler and the Moon?  You won’t regret it.

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  1. Ellen

    By the way – to pimp RR out some more – CD Baby restocked on the GYPSY MOTHS stuff which is also good. I already had the regular CD and found a “live” cd when playing around on it (I tool around CD baby sometimes just because)

    So – yesyesyes – please let us know when Raina’s in town again


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