Pandora and a blog birthday

I was talking to my mom tonight and she told me about a pretty cool incident that happened recently involving my sister’s music. A friend of my dad’s from the Unitarian Church in Portland was listening to Pandora Internet Radio one night while she was doing dishes. She heard it start to play a song that she really liked, so she dried her hands quickly and ran over to the computer. It turns out the song she was enjoying so much was one by my immensely talented sister. My father loves to sing the praises of his creative and beautiful daughters (a trait that often makes me cringe) so this woman knew immediately who Raina was.

I had no idea Raina was on Pandora, but I’m really excited by this news, because I know that there are quite a few people out there discovering music via Pandora. Hopefully people will come to her music this way. If you are a regular Pandora listener, make sure to check out Raina Rose.

Since it is after midnight, I’ll have to fiddle slightly with the date of this post to make this statement true, but today is my blog birthday. I’ve been doing this thing now for two full years which thrills me not just a little. I am deeply grateful for all of the wonderful things that blogging has brought into my life, including a life direction, many fantastic people and a way to record the moments of beauty I experience daily. Thanks to all of you who read this, whether you stop by regularly or only just once in a while.  I appreciate each and every one of you.

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  1. Marisa


    For some reason I prefer blog birthday, it somehow feels more in line with how I feel about the blog, as it is a product of my creation.

    And I am always ready for whimsical insights.


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