Here-in sits a weekend round-up

(I apologize for the lack of insight or creative description in this post. Every original thought I have right now is going into the novella, which leaves very little for the blog. This has turned into a round-up of the weekend’s happenings. If that sort of thing bores you, feel free to skip this one).

I spent most of Friday working on my novella, but did manage to also make a big pot of butternut squash soup (this may be my best batch ever, which was good, since I was feeding it to people other than myself) and a loaf of banana bread (I poured in the last of a bag of mini dark chocolate chips, which made it more like cake). Saturday I pounded out a few more pages and participated in the final interview of my search committee term.

Saturday evening I found myself driving around Wilmington with two friends, trying to find someplace to have dinner before the Indigo Girls concert. Everything had a 45 minute wait (who knew there was such dining dirth in Wilmington?) and so we ended up at Joe’s Crack Shack. We each ordered up a big plate of fried (it was hard to discern a difference between our three orders) and while the atmosphere was kitchy enough to be entertaining, the food was pretty miserable. Our 17 year-old waiter, Derek, had an electronic belt buckle though, which was amusing.

The concert was spectacular though, and made dinner an unimportant memory. They are doing an acoustic tour, so it’s nothing more than Emily and Amy standing on stage, playing their music. They did a great job of integrating the old music with the new and played every song I needed to hear to make the experience complete. I was thrilled that they brought back their opening band to do “Midnight Train to Georgia.” This was the fifth time I’ve seen them live and the first time I’ve seen them perform that song. It was always one of my favorites from 12:00 Curfews. As I sat there listening, the pleasure of it was so complete that I was already anticipating the longing I would feel when the song was over (a very Proustian experience).

Today I sat in a coffeeshop for a couple of hours, pounding away at my laptop (it appears that I will make my deadline) before meeting the rest of my search committee for lunch. Afterwards we had a very productive meeting, and hopefully I’ll be able to say more about that experience soon.

Tonight I spent a bit longer writing and then saw the guy for a little while (okay, okay, six hours). I do believe I’m fast on my way to smitten. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, which is making it all the more fun.

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  1. pat

    Love “the girls” – esp live-
    Right next door to the crack shack is a good place – Iron Hill Brewery –


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