Means of Procrastination–Carnival of the Mundane

I’ve been sitting in front my computer for hours, trying to figure out how make a short story for my narrativity theory class work.  It’s about how the small scents and sights of life can transport us to other times and places.  Which, if you think about it, is a fairly mundane story topic.  While I sort all this out, why don’t we go and see how other people handle the mundane.

Over at Living the Romantic Comedy, Billy pulls his readers in with pictures of his girlfriend’s dogs.

Meanwhile, Kerry works herself into a frothy rage at the inadequacies of Yahoo mail at No Accent Yet.

In a post entitled Hi, Oprah, Cheryl ponders how a woman could reach adulthood without knowing how to pump her own gas.

Batya ruminates on the cycles of life as her community buries their local pediatrician, a woman who loved to dance.

Alex addresses the signs, symptoms and treatments of chicken pox.

MadKane rhymes her way through a request for a spam filter that actually works.

Karen works out a system for either relieving or increasing your suffering in life.

Is Alton Brown a seafood psychic?  Sparky’s experience seem to indicate that he is!

Nance loves Hugh Laurie and believes that men should either be nice to look at or smart, but not both at the same time.

Deezee examines those pesky roadside signs that tell us exactly how fast we are driving, in an attempt to guilt us into slowing down.

Mark presents the lost powerpoint slides of Barbie.

I think I’ve had enough mundane entertainment to propel me back into schoolwork.  Thanks to all the CotM players for keeping me refreshed and entertained!

0 thoughts on “Means of Procrastination–Carnival of the Mundane

  1. howard

    I loved the spam filter poem. Have you ever read a piece of writing and wish you’d been the one to write it? (That’s the kind of clever I’ve always wanted to be.)

    Hope your writer’s block isn’t too enduring.

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