Fork You: Dress Your Salad

Throughout the circles in which I move, I am known for making some pretty good salad dressing.  One year I auctioned off four bottles of homemade dressing at the UU church service auction.  The price got pretty darn high (not that I’m bragging or anything).

So it goes without saying that when we went looking for quick fork topic, we hit on doing a salad dressing episode.  We were further encouraged in that direction when one night, at Albert’s birthday party, Tony and Anne mentioned that they were uncertain about how to make a good vinagrette.  Thus a podcast was born.  Watch it and go forth and vinagrette.

In other Fork You news, we completed our new theme song tonight.  Raina wrote most of it, although I did some of the lyrics.  Scott just stood around and looked pretty (it is what he does best).   Through the magic of Garageband Raina was able to record a take directly into her computer and burn it to CD for Scott to do with as he pleases.  Watch for it in an upcoming episode.

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