Raina Rose rocked tonight

Raina singing

Well, as much as a folk singer can rock. Which in Raina’s case is a quite substantial amount of rockage. About 25 people showed up, which was nice considering it’s raining torrentially here in Philadelphia. The chapel was the perfect space for the show, as it is wood-lined and small, which makes for some seriously lovely acoustics. She played a whole lot of the old stuff, along with a few songs that have yet to make it onto an album. I think my favorite of the new stuff is Blind Cyrus.

Raina and Marisa

We did a little practicing earlier this afternoon and I sang John Prine’s Angel from Montgomery with her. I was nervous, as I don’t sing in public often, but I think I carried it off pretty well. Cindy has the presence of mind to leap up and grab my camera, so that the moment was captured.

Now she’s going to spend the next three days lazing on my couch and catching up on her sleep. It will be nice to have her around for a little bit of time.

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