Dinner confessions

I have found that there are certain things in life that I only eat alone.  Take the dinner I made myself tonight when I got home from class.  I sauteed a very small onion with a few roughly chopped cloves of garlic (that by itself keeps the non-garlic lovers away).  When they were starting to get some color, I squeezed in the juice of half a lemon and then tossed in two bags of baby spinach from Trader Joe’s (I really like spinach and I’m always dissatisfied with what results from a single cooked down bag).  I scoot the mess around with a wooden spatula, until the leaves are all wilted.  I turn it out into a bowl, sprinkle with salt and pepper and give it another squeeze of lemon juice.

Now, here’s where it gets magical.  I drop in several chunks of soft goat cheese while the spinach is hot, so that it sort of melts and the dissolving cheese and caramelized onions turns into a sauce that is best eaten with the aid of some toasted rustic bread.

When my mom is all alone for dinner, she will often make her “white” dinner.  I’m not entirely sure what inspired this combination, although I think it’s mostly the ease and the softness.  She brings two small pots of water to a boil.  Half an hour before she wants to eat, she pops a chicken leg into one.  Ten minutes later, she puts a peeled and roughly chopped potato into the other.  They are ready within moments of each other and she eats them sprinkled with salt, a glass of milk on the side.  Not exactly well balanced, but very comforting.

Other nights, when the idea of even chopping an onion seems overwhelming, I go for my stash of frozen veggies (typically spinach or asparagus) and defrost something in the microwave.  I poach an egg on the stovetop (boil water, crack egg in, wait 3-4 minutes, remove with slotted spoon) and drop it on top of whatever veggie I went for.  A sprinkle of salt, maybe a drizzle of olive oil and I’m eating.  Yummy, fairly healthy and protein-y.

What do you make when you only have to worry about feeding yourself?

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  1. Leah

    Well, last night I had two slices of processed cheese and three cookies. That seems about right for when I’m feeding only me. I’ve also been known to only eat chips & salsa. But if I’m feeling particularly decadent, I’ll eat a frozen Tombstone pizza. All terrible, non nutritious, and something I would not eat with someone…but I usually feel sooo lazy when eating alone.

  2. jon

    if i’m not eating takeout, i’ll cook myself an omelette. they are one of my favorite foods, but cooking multiple omelettes for several people is time consuming and annoying for the chef, since they eat last.

  3. Beany

    Potatoes. I like sweet potatoes or yams more so I slice them up and add a mixture of oregno, chilli powder, olive oil and salt and broil for about 15 minutes or till it looks cooked. Then I eat it with a mixture of veganiese(mayo) and ketchup for dipping.

  4. Diane

    I shouldn’t be, but I’m addicted to Coffeemate hazelnut creamer in my coffee. When I need a quick breakfast (or actually any meal on the run) I microwave a packet of instant apple oatmeal and pour a bit of the hazelnut coffemate onto it with a teaspoon of dried cranberries and/or pecans. VERY satisfying.

  5. craige

    I’m sorry, but a boiled chicken leg?! Well, to each her own, I guess. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that when I’m home alone I often just eat a bag of popcorn. And maybe some fruit.


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