Fork You: Rub Your Breasts*

Check out this latest episode of Fork You, in which we roast a chicken on top of a bed of veggies. Easy and delicious. Especially good with a side of steamed broccoli.

*I would just like to comment, for the record, that Scott names all the episodes. I had nothing to do with this title (except for the fact that I did rub herbs into the breasts of the chicken. But that’s just what you do to make it yummy).

0 thoughts on “Fork You: Rub Your Breasts*

  1. Frank

    Another good one…I loved roasted chicken and that one looked especially good. Hey, where was the intro song by your sister?

  2. Scott

    Frank, the intro song will make a come back. We’re working on creating a brand new intro to go with the super cool song. 🙂

  3. MoDad

    So, is Scott off his meds, or what? Nice episode. I never thought of slipping seasonings inside the skin. Where did you pick up that idea?

  4. Marisa

    You should have seen the raw footage, it was actually far dirtier and weird than it turned out to be.

    I don’t remember where I learned that you could slip herbs under the skin for added flavor. Probably some cooking show here or there.


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