Random Friday–Banking on fuel

1. Rain – The Beatles (Past Masters, Vol. 2)

2. What People Are Made Of – Modest Mouse (The Moon and Antarctica)

3. You Could Be Her – Jonathan Coulton (Thing a Week)

4. Cold Day in July – Dixie Chicks (Fly)

5. Criminal – Fiona Apple (Tidal)

6. On The Bound – Fiona Apple (When the Pawn…)

7. Do What You Have To Do – Sarah McLachlan (Mirrorball)

8. Banking on a Myth – Andrew Bird (Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs)

9. Fuel – Ani DiFranco (Little Plastic Castles)

10. Just Can’t Last – Natalie Merchant (Motherland)

Songs that made me briefly question my ability to read: Having two Fiona Apple songs pop up, one after the other, confused me for a moment.  I looked at the iPod screen and had a intentional thought process that went something like, “I did press the ‘next’ button, didn’t I?  I thought I did, but wait…oh.”

Music I acquired from others: Jonathan Coulton (Scott), Fiona Apple & Andrew Bird (my sister) and Natalie Merchant (Cindy).

Others who play along…


3 thoughts on “Random Friday–Banking on fuel

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  3. Anthony

    That’s a cool list. I’m going to see Fiona when she opens for Nickel Creek in August. My second Fiona show, which I cannot imagine will be better than the first one.

    Rain is a great song, too. Flip side of ‘Paperback Writer’, the first Beatles song to not make it to number one in the US. My head full of useless information rambles onward.


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