Friends, biking and licking the container

This afternoon I rode my bike out to Manayunk. I took the Schuylkill River path to Kelly Drive coming and going. On the way out, I passed my friend Trisha on the path, just behind the Art Museum. We weren’t in a good place for stopping and so we just shouted hello and goodbye and kept on our ways. On the return trip, in almost the exact same spot, I rode past another friend, this time it was Virginia. She didn’t see me until I shouted her name, but then laughed and yelled hello. It still wasn’t a good place to stop, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her either, but I’ve enjoyed the coincidence of seeing two friends, two hours apart in the same spot, for most of the evening.

DSC_0105.JPGYesterday afternoon I met up with Scott so that we could walk over to Headhouse Square. There we met up with Roz and Bart and proceeded to help out with the set-up for the Good Food, Good Beer event that was part of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local week that wrapped up today. We worked in exchange for free passes to the event, and so after two hours of manual labor, there was much eating and drinking (Owen and Alex stopped by as well). The picture you see there is of me laughing, after licking clean the insides of my blueberry cobbler container (I make my parents so proud). If you are interested, there’s a whole set of pictures of the event here.

I also spent some time with my cousins this morning, went up to the pool on the roof of my building for the first time all summer, wrote briefly about heirloom tomatoes and made a really awesome salad for dinner (a post about it should be appearing soon on Slashfood).

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  1. Phillybits

    I came across your post about bike riding from the Philly Future blogroll and figured I’d throw this your way as perhaps it might be something you’re interested in.

    This Saturday, there’s an anti-violence bike ride taking place starting at around 45th and Market.

    Some more information is at that link so if you’re interested, take a look for more information.

  2. Thad

    We were biking along Kelly Dr Sunday, too! We stopped a little ways north of the Girard and Northeast Corridor bridges to picnic and read books under a shade tree from about 3-6. Perfect weather for that! We probably just missed looking up and seeing you ride by…


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