Silly video and a reminder

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, I offer you a short clip of how Scott and I spent a chunk of Saturday afternoon. We sat on Scott’s stoop, out in front of all passersby on Pine Street and proceeded to make minor fools of ourselves. The things we do for you people!Oh, and if you happen to be longing for the days when I wrote about food in this space, I want to remind you to walk yourself over to Slashfood and read me there. I tend to have between three and five posts go up a day over there, so there is always plenty of my ramblings to go around.

0 thoughts on “Silly video and a reminder

  1. Pax Romano

    You crazy kids! I think a madcap 30’s style movie (think “Bringing Up Baby”) would suit you two!

    But if all else fails, hope to see you soon on the Food Network.


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