parents' wedding day

My parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary today. I called home around 1 pm to say him and wish them a happy day. My mom answered, we chatted a few minutes and then my dad got on the phone. He said, “Happy Anniversary” with enthusiasm, and then explained that with they way the timings of their mornings had worked out, they hadn’t actually spoken yet. So I got to be a part of the first recitation of their happy wishes to one another. Which was nice.

Last year I wrote a post that told the story of how they met, got engaged two weeks later and four weeks after that were married. Thirty-seven years later, it seems like they made a good choice.

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  1. Reed

    I love that picture of your folks getting married! They look like people I know (no surprise as I am a boomer as well!) who got married at that time and before. Love at first sight – far out!


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