The words are flowing

I had a thesis deadline last week and when it came around, I was unprepared.  For some reason I have been wholy unable to connect with the creative detail-aware side of myself from which most of my writing comes from.  I’ve kept on posting at Slashfood, because that writing rarely needs to tap deeper resources, but I’ve felt stymied when it comes to all other stuff.  Dry.  Undernourished.  Without access to anything interesting.

Until today.

Suddenly I was able to write and it was like a tap had been turned on that I hadn’t realized have been switched off.  I could feel the flow and it was such a relief I nearly laughed out loud when I realized it.  It’s amazing to me how a couple of good writing hours can make me feel so completely alive and on track.

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  1. Anthony

    Isn’t it strange? I don’t keep track of such things, but I should. Might make an interesting study.

    The library used to do it for me when I was in school. At home, zero accomplished. Once I got to the library the “escape” of the place got me going – by hand, no less! I’d come home with 15 pages and piece it together. Strange but fun.

    Now, the dry spells for me are a reason to consider the old “delete blog” button, but luckily they don’t last.


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