Pictures and an empty apartment


My apartment always feels so empty and quiet after she leaves. She has been this way since birth, always bringing great energy to any place she inhabits. It can be overwhelming while you’re having the experience of her, but when she’s gone, the straightened couch pillows and clear surfaces don’t seem nearly as appealing as the vibrancy of life that she had brought.

In addition to my sister’s visit, there were other things to celebrate this last weekend and I photographed them extensively (it’s a sickness). I put together a somewhat edited set of pictures from Thad and Angie’s wedding (Scott’s pictures are also worth a gander if you know the happy couple and want to see more). Next comes a totally unedited set of pictures from Una and Andy’s wedding celebration (the beach at sunset is such an amazing place to take pictures). Last comes pictures of Raina and John, doing their thing at the church. They performed for hours and impressed me with the ease that they have together on stage. Those of you who didn’t come out really missed an amazing show.

Edited to add: I just discovered that Roz has a set of pictures of Thad and Angie’s wedding up as well. Oops, I don’t know how I missed that! Especially since there are few good ones of me in there.

One thought on “Pictures and an empty apartment

  1. Thad

    As one of my friends said at the wedding, “I’ve never seen so many big cameras before”. True that, that’s the kind of crowd we run with! I love the wild variety of great shots we got.

    And we got Albert’s photos yesterday, too. Awesome!


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