Light and the afternoon


I love the light in my apartment in the late afternoon.  My windows face north, but there are several buildings in the blocks behind me that are made almost entirely of glass.  They reflect the rays of the sun back in to my apartment, laying down streaky slashes of light onto the back of the couch and half of my dining room table.

No matter how often I rotate my plants, after a week or two at any orientation, they have turned themselves back towards those places where they know the sun will shine.

This reflected light is perfect for naps, because the rays that sneak in are warm without being piercing.  More afternoons that I can count, I’ve found myself on the couch under the window, sleepily reading before drifting away into a short pocket of sleep.  The dreams I have in those moments are always clearer and more poignant than the ones I have during the nighttime hours.

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