Pinch Pie on Culinate

Pinch Pie

Several months ago, I struck up an email correspondence with one of the editorial types over at Culinate, an online food magazine.  We chatted back and forth about food writing and Portland.  Eventually she suggested that if I was ever inclined, I’d be welcome to send a piece or two her way, for possible publication.  Being the novice food writer that I was (and still am) I was deeply flattered that she would even suggest that my stuff was good enough for the pages of her site.  I ran to my thesis draft, cutting down one of the pieces until it was an appropriate size.  Thrillingly, they accepted it.

The piece went live today and I am so tickled to see it in digital print.  It is about Pinch Pie, my family’s traditional birthday dessert (that I’ve written about ’round these parts before) and how my grandmother initially made it as a Valentine’s Day treat for her first husband, Dick.  The recipe, with all the hard learned lessons I’ve acquired over the years, can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Pinch Pie on Culinate

  1. Una

    Wonderful article on Culinate Marisa! And congrats on the official copies of the thesis! You never cease to amaze me my friend. Your writing is so delightful:)


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