5K runs, stomach flues and new garbage disposals

Scott with Mayor Nutter

Saturday morning, Scott and I got up bright and early and walked over to the Art Museum.  He, along with a bunch of our other friends, had signed up to run in the Clean Air 5K.  It was his first time running outside since high school, so it was something of a big deal.  He finished it in good time, although he continues to claim that the entire thing was miserable.  However, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of doing it again, so it couldn’t have been that bad.  He topped the whole thing off by stalking and then meeting the mayor.

The rest of the weekend was equally good, with a trip to Whole Foods, a visit to the library’s used book store, a family Seder and some Fork You filming with Thad and Angie.

Things took a dire turn for the unpleasant when we both woke up on Monday morning with the stomach flu.  We both slept nearly all day yesterday, although I spent a few more hours out of bed than Scott did.  My cousin Amy stopped by with Pepto Bismol and ginger ale, but didn’t get close.

Today has been better, although very low energy.  I managed to get downstairs to vote (I love the fact that my precinct is in the building) and also headed over to the front desk to report that the garbage disposal was leaking water under my sink every time I ran it.  Emilio came up to check it out and said, “It looks like it’s time to get you a new one.”  So he spent half an hour under my sink, replacing the disposal (he didn’t leave me with a new self-service wrenchette, I hope my old one fits).

Now I’m just trying to get myself back together after two days of two strange days of being under the weather.  Heading back to work on a Wednesday is going to feel sort of strange.

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