Early fall in late April

Last week, the weather in Philadelphia achieved that Spring ideal. It was bright, sunny and warm and the air made no demands. It gave people the ability to slough off extra layers and walk outside with appreciation in place of the regular disinterest or irritation. Over the weekend, our climate perfection slipped away and, after a day of soaking rain yesterday, this morning dawned feeling decidedly more like early October than the last days of April.

As I walked to work, the cool air and cloud-filtered light took me back to elementary school, on those first fall mornings when it was starting to get a little chilly outside and the warmth of the classroom came as welcome relief from the brisk, damp air of the playground. Crossing the street, I felt totally awash in nostalgia for the easy days (although I would have denied the assertion of ease back then) of 3rd or 4th grade.

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