Newly Cohabitating and Fork You Live

Scott and I just can’t stop churning out these web-based products for your enjoyment (we hope you’re amused by us). We’ve now recorded two episodes of a little audio podcast that we’re calling “Newly Cohabitating” and it’s mildly entertaining. Check out Episode 1 and Episode 2.

We’re also filming another Fork You Live at Foster’s Homeware (399 Market Street) this Saturday at 2 pm. This time, we’re making eggs (an egg bake, a frittata and a curried egg salad, to be exact). If you happen to be in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, you should come out (let us know you’re coming here). As with all episodes of Fork You Live, when we’re done filming, you get to taste what we made.

2 thoughts on “Newly Cohabitating and Fork You Live

  1. Wendy

    I’m so sad I keep missing this! I’m going to be out of town…hopefully you’ll do more Fork You live and I’ll be in Philly for it one day.

  2. julie

    I’ve been really sad to miss the Foster’s gig too. Someday. Someday. : )

    Promise. Just like the dinner invitation. Really.


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