A short Lancaster vacation

A couple of months ago, Scott and I decided we needed a vacation, even just a brief one. After a bit of searching, we decided to get out of town over Memorial Day weekend and I set about finding someplace to go. Because of gas prices, we didn’t want to go anywhere too far and so I settled on someplace in Lancaster County. Because when you go on vacation, you really want to spend it with the Amish.

The getaway weekend arrived faster than we could have imagined and last Friday we packed up my trusty Subaru and hit the road. The cabin was lovely, tucked into a hillside with a stream 50 feet away from the front door. My younger inner self was so delighted, as I always had a particular affinity for natural bodies of water.

Saturday morning, Scott opened one of the French doors in the bedroom and climbed back into bed so that we could lay there, listen to the creek and smell the fresh air (I always forget how much better it smells outside when you get out of the city). Unfortunately, the peace of the place was rattled a bit, when the neighbors across the creek settled in just an hour later for a three-day, outdoor party. They played classic rock outside all weekend, which was not in line with my mental image of a quiet weekend getaway. Oh well.

Thad and Angie drove out Sunday (and killed a bird in the process) and we spent the afternoon eating junk food and wandering around antique stores. That part lined up with my perfect vacation moment almost exactly. We all took lots of pictures on the trip. Mine are here. Scott’s are here. Thad and Angie haven’t gotten theirs up yet (slackers!).

3 thoughts on “A short Lancaster vacation

  1. Angie

    I can’t post them yet ’cause am barely half way done posting Mexico pictures! ;-P

    And the bird killing, did we have to bring that up again? so sad, poor, poor, poor silly bird that decided to cross the highway!

    They’ll be up soon 😉

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