Raina Rose on YouTube

Once in a while, when I have down moment and no other commitments, I enter my sister’s name into the search box in Google. Most of the time the links I find aren’t new to me, but occasionally I discover something new about Raina (it is slightly odd that the world’s most popular search tool becomes a way for me to keep up to date with my younger sister).

Last night, while Scott and his friends played a role-playing game around the dining room table, I took my computer into the den, to catch up on some work and blogging. In a down minute, the thought occurred to me to Google Raina. I discovered that in the time since my last search, she had collected a Wikipedia page, as well as a slew of videos on YouTube. It was delightful to discover a stash of moments that were new to me. One particularly fun item is the clip you see below, of Raina singing her song, Truth or Consequences. This is a favorite of mine, and it’s nice to see it performed live.

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  1. kasey

    Wow, your sister is really good!

    Also, completely unrelated to this post but I finally made your Honey Roll-out cookies from Slashfood. 🙂 They’re really tasty!


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