Spending, releasing and a very large coffeemaker

Yesterday afternoon, I left work feeling sort of itchy and restless, like there was soda water running through my veins. I wanted run out and buy things, just for the experience of the acquisition. At the same time I also wished to get rid of everything. Wisely, I tucked my wallet down towards the bottom of my bag and took the quickest route home, so I wouldn’t be swayed by the tug to spend money. When I got home, I put my bag down and dug into the front hall closet, dragging empty bags over to be filled. When I was finished, I had a giant pile mounded next to the front door and had jettisoned a rice cooker, a small japanese steamer, an enormous bag of scarves (I don’t know how I came to possess so many), several baskets and a 20 cup coffee maker.

My grandparents used to entertain frequently and used that giant coffee maker at least once a month for dinner parties and family brunches. I used it at the luncheon we held in the apartment after my grandmother died, as well as at two or three dinners I hosted for church groups over the years. Of all the things I pulled out to give away this time, it’s that overly large, impractical coffee maker that I’m having the hardest time letting go. It’s been at least four years since I plugged it in, and I the majority of people I know these days aren’t big coffee drinkers.

However, it takes up valuable closet real estate and doesn’t care a proportionate amount of weight so out it goes. If anyone is in need of a sturdy, giganza coffee maker, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Spending, releasing and a very large coffeemaker

  1. craige

    So, do you not use the rice cooker? I used to rely on mine until the cord somehow got left on the stove when the stove got turned on. That was 3 years ago and we’ve survived just fine with making rice the old way, in a pot. But I still miss having it come out perfectly cooked and in less time. I need to replace that damn cord.

  2. Marisa

    You know, I really never used the rice cooker unless I was making rice for a huge amount of people (or making sushi). I also typically make brown rice, and the cooker just didn’t handle that as well as it did white rice.


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