Fork You: Scott cooks!

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Over the weekend, I took off for the Chesapeake Bay with a bunch of old friends, leaving Scott to his own devises back in the apartment. He entertained himself by catching up on several on-demand television shows, doing a bunch of work and making an episode of Fork You. Ponder that for a second there. He recorded an episode of Fork You without me.

Initially, I was a little irked that he would make an episode of OUR cooking show without me, but upon watching it, I discovered he had created a funny and entertaining installment of Fork You that was made better by my absence. So take a gander and wince along with me as he takes a knife to a non-stick pan and boils ravioli in an inappropriate pot, all with his trademark humor. Good times!

3 thoughts on “Fork You: Scott cooks!

  1. nika

    I’m so glad you mentioned the knife to the non-stick pan. I was yelling at the computer monitor “Nooooooo”.

    I loved that he knew he had the wrong pot for the raviolis, but didn’t really care.


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