Immortalized in an in-flight magazine

Some of you might remember that last summer, I worked on a little project that I called Stories from Reading Terminal. It was my attempt to gather tales from shoppers and vendors at Philly’s storied public food market. I ran out of steam for the project as the demands of grad school and freelance work became more insistent. However, even during the short period of time it ran, it got some nice attention from the Philadelphia Weekly and 6ABC. It’s a project that I’d like to get back to someday, but for now it sits and waits.

However, despite the fact that it’s been fallow now for more than a year, it continues to get some attention. Today I learned via Twitter (thanks Saul!) that I had been quoted extensively in regard to the market in a piece in AirTran’s in-flight magazine. The person who wrote the article did contact me some months ago, asking if I had time for an interview, but after I responded, she never followed up. I figured that was the last of it, until today. Life is so interesting.

One thought on “Immortalized in an in-flight magazine

  1. raina rose

    i was in an inflight magazine once too! they were talking about Pandora Radio and they cited artists they never would have heard about had it not been for Pandora…i was one of them! thank goodness for inflights 🙂


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