On being something of a Phillies fan

While I’ve never been much of a sports fan in any sense of the word, I’ve definitely been swept along lately in the energy that having the Phillies in the World Series. So much so, that I recently participated in a fan video for uwishunu (a blog run out of my office). And, sitting here, watching the last inning of Game 5 (hopefully the last game of the series definitely the final game, hooray!), I thought it was appropriate to post it.

2 thoughts on “On being something of a Phillies fan

  1. Lelo

    All I have to say is, I’m from LA too. Dodgers games? Yep. But junior high marching band meant I marched on the field at halftime at a Dodgers game. Hells to the yeahs!

    P.S. Congrats.

  2. MoDad

    I’m Marisa’s dad, and I have memories of living in Germantown with my Grampa who was a Phillies fan. The strongest vision I have of him is leaning over to listen closely to the old Zenith radio he kept next to his oversized chair (He was a very broad man) as the Phillies lost another game. His pained expression is what I see when close my eyes. Where ever he is, I’m sure he knows the Phillies won this year, and he’s very pleased.


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