Refreshed chairs

chair before and after

Last night, Thad and Angie came over to help Scott and me recover the chairs I bought in Chestertown, MD over Labor Day Weekend. We’ve been using them ever since I bought them, but they were hard and uncomfortable with no discernible padding and horribly ugly fabric. I finally bought foam for padding on Saturday and the reupholstery began.

I will be the first to admit that Thad and Angie did the lion’s share of the work (thanks guys, you are truly some of the best friends ever). I fed them beef and barley stew, butterscotch squares and did what I could, but they came in ready to power through the work. I am astounded at how much better the chairs look and that, coupled with the progress on the hoosier cabinet, means that the apartment is starting to look like a better version of itself than it has in years. Just a few more things and I may actually be ready for Thanksgiving next week.

5 thoughts on “Refreshed chairs

  1. Angie

    I showed dad the pictures…now he wants me to help him re-do some chairs at home (as he can’t lift heavy things for now) ;-P

    That was a really fun project…It really made me think of sunny childhood days in dad’s workshop! Hope you didn’t step on the last tack I couldn’t find!!


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