Pictures from the Phillies parade


Yesterday felt like New Year’s Day. Starting at 7 am, we could hear the thousands of people already out lining Market and Broad Streets, waiting for the noon-time parade to start. They were hooting and yelling, screaming with voices hoarse with multiple days of victory celebrations. When I left for work at 9 am, everyone outside was dressed in red and were equipped with beer cans and bottles in hand, getting their buzz on early.

Most of my co-workers left for the day at 11:30 am to see the parade before heading down to the ceremony down at the stadiums. I headed out of the office a little while later, to snatch a glimpse of the parade and take an extra-long lunch (we got an extra hour). I had my camera with me and so wandered between 18th and 19th, taking pictures. While the parade was running, I wasn’t able to get within half a block of Market Street. I stood back, enjoying the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd. Some people tried to keep up with the parade and so ran along Ludlow Street, trying to catch multiple views of the players.

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