Back from Portland, where I had nearly no internet

In the past, when I’ve gone home to Portland, I’ve had the opportunity to while away hour upon hour, gazing at the internet on my trusty laptop, thanks to my parents’ abundant wireless connection. However, in November, my parents moved to a new house and set themselves up with an internet system that works perfectly for their stationary PC’s but doesn’t permit my loyal MacBook a pathway to the World Wide Web. So the week I spent at their place was far less connected than I am typically accustomed and personal blogging did not happen (I still managed to squeak out a few Slashfood posts).

Despite the dearth of internet, I had a wonderful time while in Portland. There was an unprecedented amount of snow on the ground, the most the city has seen since the winter of 1968 and so many of my plans for fun outings and shopping trips were curtailed (Bob’s Red Mill, I’ll just have to get out to your store next time).

My sister rolled into town on December 23rd, driving up from Shasta the day before another huge storm hit. Church was cancelled on Christmas Eve because of the snow and so we stayed at home and sang Christmas carols together instead. Here’s a little video clip of Raina and Mo singing Blue Christmas (with some back-up from my mom in the kitchen).

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