Sending Back the Sigg

Sigg bottles, to be returned
I’ve carried a water bottle with me since high school. Back in those early days, I reused a large disposable bottle that I carried around in an insulated carrier I picked up at Eddie Bauer (EB was way cool during the 1990s in Portland, OR). When I went to college, I picked up a serious Nalgene habit, particularly since that was around the time that they started making the cool, brightly colored bottles. I used those Nalgenes for years, even taking one to Indonesia when I went in 2001. My attachment wavered slightly when an impossibly stylish European girl scoffed at my red Nalgene (she said it made me look like such an American), but as soon I was stateside again, my water bottle was ever-present once more.

About three years ago, having hear about potential issues with plastic bottles leaching chemicals that mimicked female hormones into their contents, I switched from using Nalgene water bottles for work/gym/school water toting, to Sigg bottles. Everyone said that the metal bottles were BPA-free and so I felt safe guzzling water out of those vibrantly printed canisters. Over the last few years, I’ve amassed quite a collection of Siggs, so that there’s always one around the apartment that’s clean and ready to go. I even convinced Scott to trade in his Nalgene for a silver Sigg.

However, it’s recently been found that the lining used in these older Sigg bottles also have small amounts of BPA in them, despite all company assurances to the contrary (for more about Sigg bottles and BPA, check out this Metafilter thread). When I heard about this on Friday afternoon, I was pissed off, as between Scott and me, we’ve got seven older Sigg bottles. That represents a fairly significant financial investment, that we made thinking we were buying safe, chemical-free bottles.

I sent an email to the address ( I found online (I don’t remember where I found this exactly, I did a lot of searching once I first read about this) on Friday, inquiring about whether the company would be offering replacements. Amazingly, I got a response within two hours of writing and it was a completely positive and helpful email. They are willingly taking their old bottles back, and once they receive them, will issue me a gift certificate to buy a few new ones off their website.

I’m seriously bummed out that the old bottles have BPA in their liners, but I’m so appreciative that they’re responding in such a customer-friendly manner. If you’ve got some old bottles that you want to send back for replacement, just send an email to the address above and they’ll take care of you.

6 thoughts on “Sending Back the Sigg

  1. Janice

    Be careful of the new liner, too. Apparently, it’s prone to chipping and flaking off leaving sharp edges: A nice suggestion on a previous ZRecs post was that if you just don’t want a Sigg anymore after this (some people are that upset about the way this was handled), go through the replacement process and then donate the replacement bottles to charity, so that Sigg is still penalized (via replacement bottle cost) for their behavior.

  2. Marisa

    Ben, there’s Klean Kanteen, Laken, Guyot Designs and Nathan. Check out for an array of options.

    If you don’t mind using BPA-free plastic, Camelbak also makes some nice bottles (and having just checked their website, I see that they’re now making a metal bottle).

  3. Janice

    We’ve been really happy with our Klean Kanteens. Fit in standard cupholders and soda can cozys, several top options and the wide mouth is easy to clean.

  4. Lisa

    I also wrote sigg to see if what I was reading was right – there have been no BPA leaks to date/ they never advertised as being BPA free/they volunteered said information as they have a new liner, and I also was very pleased at the oh so personal and polite response that I got. I have decided to keep our old bottles as I feel they don’t give me anything to be alarmed about. I will also purchase new ones in the near future.
    To Janice: all other bottles are Sigg knock-offs and if you truly believe that it isn’t human to err you are sadly wrong. Penalize the company? These are people’s jobs and this is a company that is saying we never made claims – our old bottles are still good, our new bottles are BPA free and if you would like a new one well no problem. Sounds like a good company to me.


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