Old City on a Friday Night

I left work early today and walked down to the new Foster’s store on 3rd Street. I went to take pictures for work and then afterward, Scott and I had plans to meet up to grab some dinner and see the new Coen brothers movie, A Serious Man. I found I had some time to kill between the time I finished shooting the store and meeting Scott, so I found myself wandering around Old City.

It was the first time in years that I had the opportunity to wander that area of the city without purpose. When I initially moved to Philly, I would often find myself with wide swaths of time that needed to be dispatched. On a Friday night, I’d leave work without purpose, choose a direction and walk for an hour or two. I’d explore new neighborhoods, meander down alleys (of course being careful and avoiding streets that gave me wiggly nerves) and eventually make my way home. I was lonely, but it was at least better to be out among people than to just sit at home alone and watch TV.

As the months past, I made more friends and my life started to happily fill. I let those solitary walks drop away. But being out there tonight, even if just for that hour, brought that period of time sweeping back into the forefront of my consciousness. Recalling it, I felt fondness for that era, when I was just at the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Old City on a Friday Night

  1. dawn

    my hubby is from philly and his family still lives there. I love wandering too, but my radar goes right to all the food shops and smaller vendors. heavenly.


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