The List for 2010

My friend Val believes in the power of the list and since a particular conversation last year at SXSW (on a roof deck, when we ate all this beautiful food), I’ve been a believer as well. I have a little notebook that I use for my lists, but in recent days, the only things I am able to cross off the this are the day-to-day, mundane tasks. I continue to carry the larger items over from one list to the next, rewriting them weekly, but never quite getting around to them. So I thought I’d post them here, in the hopes that some level of public accountability will be added incentive. So here we go…

  • Clean out the storage unit. It still holds the carpet remnants from when my grandparents replaced the wall-to-wall when I was seven years old. It must go.
  • Deal with the Indian blankets that I found in the hall closet, moth-infested, right after my grandmother died (nearly 8 years ago). They’re in the same plastic bags we threw them into as we prepared the apartment for her memorial luncheon.
  • Get that damned undercarriage rattle on my car fixed.
  • Replace the broken cart in my dining room.
  • Organize recipes for a Fork You cookbook.
  • Retile the bathroom and replace the vanity (the drain is badly rusted).
  • Mail two boxes of pictures and video tapes to my family in Hawaii (they’re all of them).
  • Replace the light fixture in the kitchen.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll be back to this list on occasion, for updates, additions and the blessed satisfaction of crossing things off.

3 thoughts on “The List for 2010

  1. Diane

    Seems like replacing the kitchen light fixture and mailing the pictures and video tapes would be the easiest to accomplish quickly. Do you have a handyman in the apartment complex who could install a new fixture? If you buy one now, you’re more likely to call him to put it in. That would be two off the list. You could also look for a cart while you’re getting the light fixture.


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