April Round-Up

Goodness. I’ve managed to ignore this site for more than a month now. Some might think that that would be good enough reason to close up shop, but I just can’t fathom doing that. This blog was where so much of my current reality was conceived and born, and for that, I will continue to keep it alive, albeit barely. In my latest attempt to pump some life back into this website, here’s some of happened in April 2010 in my life.

Lego Polar Bear

I got to go to the zoo, on a work day (in fact, for work), and take pictures of the Creatures of Habitat display, which consists of animals sculpted out of Legos. It was pretty cool (and there were cookies).

Nintendo Enthusiast swag

A few days after that, I got a package in the mail from the Nintendo Enthusiast folks that contained the America’s Test Kitchen game and a bunch of cool kitchen stuff. I’ve already used the stock pot as a canning pot, and I must report, it performs admirably.

lunch at home 4.9.10

The second Friday of April, I went home for lunch and made myself the meal you see above. It was quite delicious and I felt so relaxed as I sat there eating, in complete denial that I had to go back to work for the rest of the afternoon (although, I’m sure the afternoon turned out to be quite painless).

Happy Jen with Charles and JT

On April 10, Scott and I attended my friend Jen’s wedding. I’ve known Jen since my first year in Philadelphia, and it was such a delight to have an opportunity to witness her so joyful. The ceremony was at the Unitarian Church, and the reception was at a hotel five blocks away. All the wedding attendees walked there, following the bride, groom and a bag piper. It was one of the best spectacles in which I’ve had the pleasure of participating.

grilled country ham and cheese

The next morning, Shay, Val, Scott and I had brunch at Noble American Cookery. It was an outrageously good meal, made even better by the total absence of a wait. Sadly, word of their many virtues is already getting out, so if we go again, I’m afraid it won’t be possible to roll in at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning and expect to be seated right away.

cold brew coffee - filled with water

I made my first batch of cold brew coffee of the season. Mmm.

jar cozy in hand

One of my blog (Food in Jars) readers sent me a hand-crocheted jar cozy!

new bookshelf

The bookshelf we ordered back in February arrived. I am now totally smitten with Stickley Furniture. It is beautiful and so well-built (it also costs as much as my [albeit, cheap] car, so we won’t be buying more of it any time soon).

lunch, april 16

I had another delicious workday lunch at home. I am so looking forward to local strawberries and tomatoes.

banana pecan bread

I made macaroni and cheese and banana bread to take to my favorite new parents, Thad and Angie. After what seemed like the most uncomfortable pregnancy I’ve ever witnessed, our dear friends had their twin daughters on April 7th. They are precious and have turned on my own baby cravings in the worst way.


As much joy as the new babies brought, there was also some sadness. On April 17, my family gathered to celebrate the life of Greg Kannerstein. He was the oldest of the 8 cousins and siblings that my mom grew up with and is so, so missed.


There was a batch of Rosemary Rhubarb Jam.

sunday morning pancakes

Last Sunday, I made pancakes. I was out of mix, but easily threw a batch together using my version of Mo’s Famous Pancakes. Scott doesn’t even complain anymore that I only make whole grain baked goods. I’m breaking him down with my hippie ways.

tree in Rittenhouse

This week, I came down with a swift and unforgiving flu. I am grateful to report that it only stuck around for a day and a half, leaving me healthy enough to walk through Rittenhouse Square last night. It was a vibrantly beautiful evening. This is the weather for which we survive winter.

2 thoughts on “April Round-Up

  1. Brandice

    I love this post style… the monthly recap with a choice photo for various things you’ve done. I may steal the idea for periods of time when I’ve neglected to blog for a while. Those are also very lovely photos. 🙂

    Also, I really wish you had Disqus commenting system. Not a biggie, but I always mention it when I comment on a blog and have to fill out all the name/email/url info manually. Just a friendly Friday suggestion.

    Have a great weekend!


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