71 | 365

71 | 365

Prepping a salad for a potluck with my church auction committee friends. Gave my salad bowl a good oiling before heaping the veg inside. I got that bowl at the bins* in Portland about seven years ago. It cost what it weighs, so it was just a buck or two. Best thing I ever got there.

*The bins is the as-is Goodwill, where everything is splayed out on big tables and is sold by the pound.

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  1. Neena

    There seem to be two schools of thought on salads: the purists whose very calm is marred by the introduction of a non-green elements to the bowl. And then there are those who get a charge from a crunchy rainbow-filled bowl. I belong to the latter camp and this photo gives me the urge to leap right in!


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