339 | 365

339 | 365

The family Seder was held at Amy and Jean’s house tonight. It was a night early, but was easier for the little kids to attend this way. I do love a good ritual, though it will be even more fun when Dan and Sabrina’s kids are a bit older and understand the Haggadah a bit better. It’s always a kick when they get the fun in searching for the afikoman.

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  1. verucaamish

    While I’m far from Jewish (being of Vietnamese/Chinese descent), my friends threw a Seder every year where I got to play the wicked child and prepared the brattiest “what does this night mean to you?” I could. One tradition of that Seder was to have an orange on the Seder plate in rebuke to a sexist Rabbi who said women belong in the Rabbihood (ok I’m clearly not Jewish) like an orange belongs on a Seder plate.


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