The University City Night Market was tonight. We were filming a video of the event for Philly Homegrown and so spent five hours out on a parking lot on a 100 degree day.

Duff Goldman from Food Network was there, filming a segment with Sugar Philly for a show he’s doing. We asked if he’d go on camera for us and say a few words about Philly and he was so accommodating and helpful. He raved about Philly. If we had written a script for him, it wouldn’t have been nearly as complimentary. Truly a major coup for us.

He also did something wonderful for me. I told him I’d just finished my first cookbook and he offered to write a blurb for it. Amazing. I was so struck by his generosity and friendliness.

3 thoughts on “27

  1. Thad

    Hey, that’s cool. It’s cool when a celebrity that appears to be a nice, friendly person on camera, actually is in real life, too. He’s always looked genuine on TV; I guess he’s the Real Deal!

    1. Marisa Post author

      It was really cool. It’s nice to know that it’s not a requirement that you turn into a jerk when you experience some success.

  2. Lauren

    I love Duff! We share the same birthday (December 17), but he’s much younger and cooler than me. 🙂 How great that he was so awesome in person!


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