It used to be that I went to the Sunday Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market every single week. It was my point of connection, the place where I went to check in with the edible passage of the seasons.

In recent years, it has gotten harder to get there each week. I started teaching more Saturday classes and Sunday became my only day to sleep in, hang out with Scott and recharge. Plus, the Saturday Rittenhouse Market has improved markedly in the last couple of years, making trips to Headhouse less vital.

Though my schedule has found a marked sense of fluidity in last month, today was still the first time I’ve been to Headhouse since June. It was nice to thread through the crowds, run into a few acquaintances and see a different assortment of farmers.

I bought asian pears, honeycrisp apples, white peaches, kale, rainbow chard, corn, kirby cucumbers, ground turkey, beets, bread, eggs and the tomatoes and watermelon you see above. We will eat well this week (as we do most weeks!).


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