Throughout the course of our relationship, Scott and I have gone through phases where we take epic walks. We pick a point someplace around the city (often a bookstore or restaurant) and zigzag our way there. These adventures span three or four hours and are always wonderful.

In the last couple weeks, our schedules have been happily uncluttered and the weather has been unseasonably warm. So we’ve walked. Yesterday, we set out with the intention of visiting Brickbat Books and Mostly Books in Queen Village. I bought an old golden book at Brickbat and made a most unfortunate faux pas. I said, far too loudly, that I might look for a cheaper copy of a particular book online. I think the book seller overheard me and I continue to feel abashed. Bad bookstore form. I promise, if I do end up buying that book, I’ll go back to the store and get it.

At Mostly Books, I found a copy of Country Commune Cooking (it’s a book I grew up with and love) and a charming, undated stapled book entitled Maine Cook Book. Scott got a copy of the series he’s working his way through.

It was such a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Rose

    Yeah…that’s a faux pas all right! But, I’m sure you’re not the only one to have done that. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. I’ve been taking my iPhone and typing the titles into my Notes section and searching for cheaper places to purchase books these days. Keeps me quiet in the store since I too, have been known to be a bit loud!

    Oh, and my grandmother – the collector of all things ‘cookbook’ and the person who taught me to love reading and books had that Galloping Gourmet copy, too! Love it!


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