Amazon has been shipping out copies of my book to people who pre-ordered. Because I’m a big dork, I ordered one from there because I wanted to experience it arriving in that signature Amazon box.

I’m still a little uncertain how to be as this book starts landing in the hands of others. I’m anxious that people will hate it, find a million mistakes and write me off.

Thankfully, those worries don’t seem to be coming true. The bulk of the feedback has been wonderful, complementary and joyful. The only rub is that accepting praise has never been easy for me. Though I am so grateful for all the kind words, I never feel like my words of thanks are sincere and appreciative enough.

I’m working on it.

3 thoughts on “362

  1. albert

    accepting compliments has always been tough for me too. i usually get embarrassed and mutter something back under my breath and probably come off as super ungrateful. one day…

      1. verucaamish

        Just do this. Look them in the eye. Smile. Say thank you. Hugs are probably welcome but optional.


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