Summer Days

tree-lined lane

Earlier today, I had lunch with a friend. We spent a lovely hour catching each other up on our lives and happenings. On my way home, I stopped by the farmers’ market at Rittenhouse Square to pick up a few peaches and tomatoes (not having a CSA share this summer has put a serious crimp in my produce acquisition).

I took 18th Street home and as I was walking, realized that it was exactly a year ago to the day when I tripped on that very same block. It triggered a crying jag that helped me let go in a way that I really needed. And then two days later, I was laid off from my job and my whole world shifted for the better.

Thinking back on the last year, I can’t help but feel entirely grateful for that layoff. I was set free from a job that I should have left under my own power long before. It was definitely financially tight for a time, but even that has started to work out. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next year holds.

2 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Sue

    Thanks for sharing! My life has taken some turns I didn’t choose and you reminded me that change is often what we need!

  2. Juice

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m contemplating some BIG life changes (a move across the country) and it’s good to be reassured that things work out! Gorgeous pic by the way.


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